Steam Boiler Replacement For A Fresh Meadows, NY Home

Steam Boiler Installation Fresh Meadows NYRecently, a Hart Home Comfort customer from Fresh Meadows, NY was experiencing an issue with their heating system. They noticed that their home felt uncomfortable. One room would feel cold and another room would feel unbearably hot. Also, their heating system was unable to provide them with the hot water that it once did. They called the HVAC professionals at Hart Home Comfort to see what options were available to them.

PROBLEM: A recent customer had an old and leaking Weil Mclain boiler that was not performing well. It did not provide a comfortable level of heat or adequate amounts of hot water. Hart Home Comfort installed a brand new, energy efficient and dependable Utica Starfire IV oil boiler in their home.

SOLUTION: Hart Home Comfort removed their old boiler and installed a new Peerless ECT-3 steam boiler in their Fresh Meadows, NY home. Our customer came home to find their boiler leaking all over the floor in their ranch styled home located in Fresh Meadows, New York. They called Hart Home Comfort right away. We immediately dispatched one of our expert heating technicians, Rich Tummineli, to their home in Queens. He arrived quickly to inspect their Weil Mclain boiler. It was leaking beyond repair. He recommended a boiler replacement for their Fresh Meadows home.

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Peerless ECT-3 Steam Boiler In Fresh Meadows

peerless oil boiler

Peerless is one of the most prestigious names in the HVAC industry when it concerns oil-fired boilers. They manufacture their boilers in such a way that they can perform efficiently while keeping a home comfortable throughout the Fresh Meadows winters.

In our customer’s home, we installed a Peerless ECT-3 steam boiler. We also installed a:

  • F-5 Riello burner
  • 5-gallon coil for domestic hot water
  • Domestic mixing valve with a backflow preventer (to bring it up to code)
  • Safeguard 450 low-water cut off
  • A120-volt VXT automatic water feeder
  • Honeywell L-4006A aquastat
  • New filter and Firematic valve to prevent fires
  • New smoke pipe was installed

Hart Home Comfort highly recommends Peerless hot water boilers to their customers for a number of reasons. Some of the features that come with this particular boiler include:

  • 86.6% AFUE
  • Natural draft chimney venting
  • Flame retention burners
  • 11 different sizes available
  • Cast iron with steel push nipples
  • Large water content for hot water heating
  • Powder coated steel jacket to improve efficiency and reduce heat loss
  • Quick and easy cleaning since the boiler has a full plate swing door
  • Taco circulator
  • Drain valve
  • Boiler reset control & low water cutoff for safety and increased energy efficiency
  • One year warranty and a lifetime warranty for cast iron sections

Overall, our customers are happy that they had a boiler installed in their Fresh Meadows home that they can count on for many years. They immediately felt the difference in their home temperature levels. They are also happy that they can count on their unit to provide them with the hot water that they require to bathe, do laundry, and wash dishes.

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Important Things To Know About A Boiler Leak In Fresh Meadows, NY

boilerThe most important thing to understand about a boiler leak is that such a repair, as well as most other repairs, should be completed by a licensed professional. Never attempt boiler maintenance or repairs as DIY projects, as you probably lack the required training and certification to finish the job properly.

If your boiler begins leaking, you should regard it as a serious problem. Usually, it indicates that an internal component is not working any longer. This issue may be something simple, but it may also be interior rust and corrosion, the latter of which is a serious issue.

With a situation like this, the unit’s electrical parts may begin short-circuiting. We have even seen instances where boiler leaks have caused more severe problems, such as structural damage to the home. Therefore, you should call Hart Home Comfort whenever you identify a boiler leak so that the repairs are made promptly.

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Common Reasons A Boiler May Leak In Your Fresh Meadows, NY Home

  • Pressure Valve: If there is too much pressure in the system, the boiler may leak from the pressure valve. Standard pressure for an oil boiler ranges between 18psi and 21psi. In cases where the pressure inside the boiler exceeds this level, water typically leaks from the relief valve to prevent the boiler from exploding. Limescale and other sediments can lead to an excessive buildup of pressure within the boiler as well. It is always wise to have the valves replaced after you have removed any obstructions.
  • Temperature Valve: Water may leak from the temperature valve if the temperature inside the boiler is too high. You may need the temperature probe replaced, or the unit serviced in other ways.
  • Corrosion: Rusting and corrosion may also lead to a boiler leak. In this case, the elements that are corroded or rusted inside the boiler are the reason for the leaks.
  • If the boiler is leaking from a corroded element, you must have this element replaced. If both the parts and tank are corroded, the entire unit will need a replacement. Generally, in such instances, the corrosion and rust have progressed to a point where it is not possible to repair the unit.
  • Issues With Pipe Fittings: With boilers, water often begins leaking at or around the various pipe fittings. Sometimes, this problem may indicate that the boiler was not installed correctly. If this is the case, a professional must be called to remedy the situation.
  • Faulty Boiler Pump: Leaks that begin around the boiler pump seals indicate the need for resealing or replacement. These are the only two things that will solve the problem.

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