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Heating Oil Tank Protection

Oil leaks are unusual but most occur in older steel oil tanks. It is very difficult to know when an oil tank needs to be replaced because tanks corrode from the inside out. We offer a program for aboveground and basement oil tanks to eliminate your worries.

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TankSure® Oil Tank Protection Plan

Hart Home Comfort is an exclusive provider of the TankSure program for aboveground and basement tanks. TankSure provides the following:

  1. An annual ultrasonic test (approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) that checks the thickness of your tank's walls.
  2. A $2,500 replacement warranty. If we detect a problem, we immediately notify you with a recommendation to replace your oil tank before you have an expensive problem on your hands.
  3. A tank inspection certificate that documents your annual test and inspection. This may entitle you to a discount on your homeowner's insurance, and if at some time you decide to sell your home, the certificate can make a sale easier.

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