heating oil deliveryThe home heating fuel we supply our customers throughout Queens and Long Island isn’t your run-of-the-mill heating oil. Our EcoBlend Bioheat Fuel takes home heating to a new level with cleaner burning capabilities, improved equipment operation and efficiency, and some additional financial benefits as well!

Cleaner Burning

EcoBlend Bioheat Fuel is produced from domestic and renewable resources that are abundantly available in the U.S. It’s also biodegradable, nontoxic and sulfur-free. What does all that mean? It means using EcoBlend Bioheat Fuel produces fewer harmful emissions, creating a cleaner environment for everyone!

Improved Equipment Operation & Efficiency

As a cleaner burning fuel, one of the biggest benefits behind EcoBlend Bioheat Fuel is that it’s virtually sulfur-free. Sulfur is a common cause of buildup or scaling, on heating equipment, which can cause a drop in efficiency and system malfunctions. With fewer sulfur emissions, Hart Home Comfort customers will improve heat output and a reduction in service calls.

No Modifications Needed

Our EcoBlend Bioheat Fuel can be used in any home’s oil-fired heating system. If you have fuel in your tank from a previous dealer, EcoBlend can be mixed right in without causing any problems with your equipment!

Financial Benefits

The more obvious financial benefits behind using EcoBlend Bioheat Fuel are the increase in efficiency and the decrease in repairs. However, because EcoBlend contains 20% biofuel, Hart Home Comfort customers are eligible for a New York State tax credit of 20 cents per gallon of EcoBlend purchased for the year… that’s $200 for every 1,000 gallons of EcoBlend fuel used!



At Hart Home Comfort we love going above and beyond for our customers, and that’s why we proudly deliver our EcoBlend Bioheat Fuel.

All of our oil deliveries are fast and we make it a point to offer our customers the most affordable heating oil prices in the area. You can choose from our various oil delivery plans and financing options. 

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